EL AL to increase the number of UK flights

EL AL to increase the number of UK flights

Israel's El Al Ailines announced plans to increase the number of its UK flights in order to cope with rising demand from travelers.

El Al spokesperson said in a press release that “We are adding one more flight each week to our summer schedule.” 

The spokesperson added that, “London is an important destination for us. Luton is now our main airport.” 

Today EL AL operates 15 weekly flights to London – 11 to Heathrow Airport (morning and evening, Sunday to Thursday and a morning flight on Friday), as well as 4 weekly flights toLuton Airport. 

With the new timetable, in addition to its 11 weekly flights to Heathrow on 777 aircraft, EL AL will operate up to 16 weekly flights to Luton. The flights to Luton will include 2 daily flights, Sunday to Friday, operated on 737 aircraft. Likewise, during peak seasons, especially July – August, EL AL will operate an additional flight Sundays – Wednesdays. EL AL will offer the largest number of flights on this route with departures at 5am, 10:15am, 5:15pm and 6:50pm.



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